What Human Emotion Am I?

What Human Emotion Am I? Fill out This Quiz and You’ll Discover What Emotion You Really Are!

What’s your favorite color? What are you wearing right now? What’s your favorite type of food? These questions and more could determine which emotion you are!

It’s been said that we all have seven basic emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, contempt, and disgust. While some emotions may be more dominant in some people than others, we all experience each of these emotions at some point in our lives.

But what if you could determine which one of these emotions is your most dominant? That’s where this quiz comes in. Answer a few questions about random topics, and we’ll tell you which emotion best represents you.

You'll Discover What Emotion You Really Are!


We all have at least one dominant emotion. Emotional intelligence can help you improve your daily overall life, forming you into a better version of yourself. These aren’t just guided tours on how to learn different emotional skills. Instead, they offer a fully personalized experience, by providing prewritten inspirational messages as sentences or thoughts, known as lesson content, about how to overcome negative emotional situations.

Learn how to overcome self-doubt. You can perform at your best.

Challenge yourself to give the best service. When faced with rejection, you can balance your emotions through storytelling.

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Emotions are an expression of thoughts and feelings that can drive you to think about your attitudes about life and trigger certain responses. For example, we may want to achieve gains from our professional life, but we may not be happy with how management is behaving with us. In the event of such an instance, we might think that they are just ignoring and purposely firing us in 100% needless.

In more extreme scenarios, we might even scrutinize our manager well, and may usually arrive at so QuizTwist collects information about each person and then analyses it. And then, it calculates the statistical results according to the algorithm. Consequently, it sends the appropriate messages at the right time, winning more customers’ attention.

The tradeoff for this service is that the algorithm is growing.

But Do I Have the Right?

The 10-quiz satisfaction guarantee is a free quiz you won’t want to miss. It includes 10 fun, quiz-related questions you’ll be sure to enjoy, so if you find that we are missing a question, feel free to reach out and let us know!

There are always more than ten questions in the quiz. However, we are only counting the first ten questions listed on the challenge cards.

Am I Loving or Fearful?

Am I Loving or Fearful

Similar to children, there are also players in our lives. There is no reason to feel as if you are the only one that experiences the emotion that you are, and having a support system of players in your life will help you get through the worst days better. Because, at the end of the day, we are all human, and we all experience this emotion. Having a loved one that matches your personality will surely make the bad days better.

Most parents know that feeling of hearing the clanging sounds of their child crying in their room, and having to rush down and see what happened. The same goes for us as adults.

If you find yourself overanalyzing situations or letting certain situations get to you and thinking irrationally about things, it could be because you are likely experiencing fear.

Avoid speaking about certain situations negatively, as most people you come across will not understand and may even avoid you because they feel bad about their lack of understanding of your comments.

Go for walks or work at home as much as possible to take your mind off negative thoughts and to spend time relaxing. That way, you’ll wear your emotions easier and you’ll be more confident.

There are three types of emotions, sadness, fear, and joy. Which one do you feel is the best?

Am I Serious or Optimistic?

Firstly, the highest appropriate answer could be ‘yes’.

Sometimes we are probably surprised.

People who take the most people online did the best answers for the best feeling.

Perhaps it also depends on our viewpoints!

People who are happy the most communicate the truth enough!

Similar holding neutral is most representing.

More often, I think it may lean towards pessimism.

Pessimistic people, especially in the so-called serious and negative group are most satisfied that they are most likely heavy below. In the last position, this was related to the positive response.

Am I Mad or Sick?

People have different ways of dealing with challenging situations or emotions. You might have had a bad day, but what if you can answer all the questions and know which of these emotions fits you at the moment? Check the answer to each question you have answered, process, and check. If at once you feel you are right or wrong then you know which emotion is you dealing with at that moment as well as the degree of intensity.

Your answers usually communicate whether your emotions are mild, moderate, or intense. Extreme reactions are shown when the emotions become very intense after unpleasant experiences during which we develop negative feelings. Please be sure to health and exam the quiz first.

Am I Busy or Pensive?

Let’s have a look at 6 broad categories of human emotions – Pensive, Busy, Excited, Calm, Happy, Jealous, and Angry to find out what emotional personality a person is truly having. Every man is different. Emotions convey different services.

Anxiety, frustration, anger, and sorrow tell us our inner voice is profoundly alright but facing acceptance, giving in and change can make everyone happy. Though, a person feels excitable and actively working does not mean that a man is calm and everything goes great. If we concentrate on our regular state of mind, we will be able to determine which situation would suit us best.

Pensive No doubt that feeling peaceful is your real soul and your feelings are understanding of every moment. Here is a perfect you as a man that relaxes and enjoys where you like. Perfectionists take this quiz here.

Busy Yes, it is better to be happy when we are busy. If you are happy when you work and do crazy things at work this means that you are happy that you can overcome your everyday troubles to be at work doing something that surely gives you experience, satisfaction, and a good mood. Excited Men don’t get excited in their free time. They starch in their routine.

Hurt or Hostile?

There are various Emotional Quizzes that you could take. These quizzes cover different topics about your character and personality.

For instance, are you most interested in sad or happy animals? You could take such things as Wedding Questions, Favorite Song Quizzes, or Personality Quizzes and see.

As for doing-Emotional Types Quizzes, there are tests that people take. Some examples of this are raised analytic, or conservativeness.

This is the quiz that can help you determine how you are feeling.

Am I Amazed or Curious?

Curiosity is the sixth most motivating emotion after joy, interest, awe, respect, and emotional connection. You’re probably curious about how people feel or what emotions they have decided to share with you. You can’t blame someone if they don’t answer your questions with genuine interest, but if you are going to give a quiz, share it with your audience so they can be curious about the results and enjoy the interactions with you more.

It’s recommended to try to span more than one question for better results. If curiosity is the great motivator for humanity and what keeps us sitting with diseases, insider trading, and waiting with anticipation for the next meal or new technology, it makes sense to learn about what kind of people we are by trying just a little quiz.


Even if you’ve skipped all the previous exercises, you still will figure out that your FCF score is 30. This means there are a lot of subcategories you can go into from this one question. But for now, we will watch out for the most popular ones.

The most popular category among “College Fat Cat” doers is “Emotion.” They are 25% of the group! They like sharing their opinion which means they are more likely to be social. The economics you can rule out from this FCF. So, the best candidate is Intellectuals.

In today’s society, it’s more important than ever to understand the different emotions we experience. Emotions play a huge role in our everyday lives and can greatly affect our decisions.

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